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Dance-ABLE | Dance with no limits


A program for students with ASD, or an intellectual disability


Shellharbour City Physie and Dance is a community-club committed to creating a culture that is inclusive and accepting of all people. 

The Dance-ABLE program is designed to teach people with specialised needs the foundations of dance, including correct technique, musicality and performance, in a fun and nurturing environment. The syllabus is designed to teach students a variety of dance styles, and includes routines that develop strength, flexibility and expression. 

The program is also aimed at improving the health, wellbeing and confidence of students.

Class information:

  • Classes are held at our studio 2/30 Durgadin Drive, Albion Park Rail.

  • Class day and time TBC

  • Our teacher is an experienced care worker of children and adults that have specialised needs. Jayne is dedicated to supporting the individual goals of each student. A teaching support assistant will also support the class in the early stages of the term

  • A small group class, capped at six students

  • The class will follow the same structure each week

  • Parents/guardians and families will be encouraged to become a part of the club community

Shellharbour City Physie and Dance offers performance opportunities throughout the year, including an end-of year Showcase, where students can choose to perform if they wish.

If the needs of a student are more specialised, we can work with the family and carer to provide tuition under a private lesson structure, if appropriate, and with the guidance and support of the carer*.


*Appropriate clearance from medical and health professionals would need to be provided by the student’s family/carer prior to enrolment.


PLEASE NOTE - We do accept the Active Kids and Creative Kids vouchers which can be used to pay your term fees. Please select the Active kids or Creative kids option in the SCPD store and just pay the difference. All voucher details must be provided.

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